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Natural Ways to Ease Baby Gas Pain!



Thank you Mommy’s Bliss for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% my own!



Your baby is crying and you can’t figure out why. You’ve ruled out a dirty diaper, she’s been fed, and she’s not sleepy… It could be her tummy.

Leighton recently went through this. She would finish her bottle but would be uneasy. She’d cry for a minute and then stop. I could just tell her little tummy was hurting her. After I fed her I gave her some Mommy’s Bliss gas relief drops and the pain went away within a few minutes. They are safe for newborns and up and tare free of dyes and parabens. Those things eased my mind.



Gas relief drops:

  • Safe & gentle for use in newborn+
  • Fast acting formula works in minutes
  • Pediatrician recommended
  • Needs no refrigeration after opening
  • Free of artificial flavors or colors
  • No dairy, gluten or soy
  • 1 fl oz bottle with 100 servings



I don’t leave the house without the drops and would say to any mom out there who has a little one to give them a try! Check them out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!


Warm bath:

Try giving your baby a bath to soothe their pain. L is a huge fan of baths and they always seem to calm her down when she is unhappy.



I was always told to massage my baby’s leg’s in a circular motion, gently rub their tummy, and their feet.


Mommy's Bliss Gas Relief Drops for babies










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