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What’s your WHY?!

There is always that question of why you do something. Why do you work? Why do you go to church? Why do you stay up late? Why do you love Jesus? Why do you blog? Why do you love being a mother? There are a million WHYS. What is your answer to them all? See we all were put on this Earth for a purpose. We all have purpose. We all do what we love. Being a disciple, wife, mom,…

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Why bloggers should join influence networks + My favorite Blog Facebook groups!

If you are a blogger and not getting paid then you need to join these networks!! Why? When you join them you are PAID you to come up with a creative and compelling story based on a variety of products!     My main source of income comes from sponsored posts. Some of these companies reach out to you with a campaign and some of them like Pollinate and Social Fab do not. You need to log in to apply…

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What it means to be a Blogger!

This is a question I have heard way too many times. At first I was a little embarrassed to even say the word blogger to my family and friends. A blogger is someone who runs a blog. I am a blogger. I put my ideas onto my website for the world to see. I have to be a lot of things to do this. I must be vulnerable, honest, real, open, accepting, and willing to hear negative feedback. I am all of the…

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