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Verses to pray over your baby & children!

Prayer is an essential part of my life. Without it I wouldn’t be able to communicate fully to my Savior. The Lord wants to hear from us and so many times I let my own priorities get in the way of speaking to Him.   I want so much more for my children. Yes I want them to be healthy and smart. Above those things though I want them to know the Lord and have a relationship with Him. I…

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Dear strong willed child..

A big thank you to The Hair Bow Company for sponsoring this post!! When Oakland was born he was the sweetest little boy. He was so gentle, obedient, cuddly, and would literally do whatever he was told. Fast forward to Ainsley. This little girl is wild, stubborn, hard-headed, and hates not getting her way. On the other hand she has the biggest heart for family and friends, she is so sweet, so personable, and really loves life! She has given…

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Sharing our story! {Testimonials of women who love the Lord} | Brittany|

I did not always go to church. Growing up I remember going to church with my grandparents some Sundays and on Christmas and Easter. My parents did not make it public if they followed the Lord or not. It seemed like they did by their love and how they showed it to me. I assumed they knew Him. I was always with my family and would choose family over friends. I guess that’s what I still do today… :/ I…

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